Owning a website is imperative if you want to have a successful business. It is an essential marketing tool and vehicle powerhouse in the digital world. As a bridge between your potential customers and your brand, it gives you an edge over the competitor with the proper marketing strategy. Needless to say Lumadigital is about innovation so let’s get an head start over your competition. Let us be your choice in web designing your future.

Our versatile team of developers are standing by to help create your web platform through a combination of services that will give a well rounded look and performance catered to keep your brand relevant and user friendly to your audience.

Responsive Web Development

Your website should perform efficiently on all desktops, smartphones and tablets. Responsive web development increases your visitor rate tremendously. We develop websites that work and look amazing, across every platform.

Content Management System

From the most advanced webmaster to the novice editor, CMS has built in tools to assist you, making web development easy on updating and management. We work with numerous CMS’s, including: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and DotNetNuke.

Customized Development

Even the best CMS templates has it limits. A template may have to be altered to suit the vision the client may want to see. With our customized development, we can build your website from the ground up, giving your web presence the creative freedom it deserves.

Application Development

This field distinguishes the difference between designers and developers. You can have great cosmetics for your site but the functionality and feel can be off. We can consult with you on what applications are best needed for the task at hand.

To create a successful website, you need to know the fundamentals before we get started like:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your plan of action for sales?
  • What would your average visitor/user be looking for?

Going through our business strategy will determine the design, content, and structure of your website. In our experience through past consultation, many visions of our clients came into fruition from asking the right question.

What is yours?

Web Developmental Process

Upon completion of the business strategy, the process of your web project will be conducted through 4 phases

1. Information Architecture

Every website needs a solid core as their foundation. Our UX (User Experience) team can provide the blueprint for your online business. We optimize your site structure, content and digital work flow to make your website user friendly and easy to use. Great design is comprised from great planning.

2. Digital Interface Design

A creative framework that will help flourish your brand identity through design is key to developing your web presence. We design websites to be intriguing and innovative, creating a digital feng shui environment fit for your brand image.

3. Front/Back End Development

We implement sufficient standards to ensure your website operates fast, reliable, SEO Ready and compatible with every platform. Our back-end development will make handling your site straight forward. Your web platform will be secure and trustworthy to you and your customers.

4. Quality Assurance

Before we take your brand to the next level, we put everything we built to the test through our assurance process, covering the aspect of trial and error. Testing your website insures quality by finding and fixing bugs and errors before your site goes live.