With a staff of professional designers, we are dedicated to be a part of an importance such as identity. Creative Design is the core of promoting your business or service. Visual Communications continue to prove to unite the world through the eye of the beholder. It is the way in which we receive information that keeps us in the know. Lumadigital have extensive knowledge and expertise on how to facilitate vision in these creative fields. Our primary target is to stimulate the imagination while manifesting a vision that will captivate your audience.

Logo Design

Your first impression should be your last and your best. Brand Identity is the seed level of your business and can determine the outlook of what your business stands for. Let us make sure your logo is created with success in mind.

Print Design

It is the vehicle utilize to bring clientele on the scale of tangibility. After personal disconnection, print design is what remains to tell your story. Let us make a design that will leave a mark of certainty. Lumadigital exist to make sure that the recipient puts your business card in their pocket and not in the trash.



Book/CD Covers

cd covers