The industry is massive and is growing by the second. You need a strategic online marketing plan in place to captivate on pulling in clientele. There is a lot of potential customers out there and we need to get your brand to the level of attracting them your way. Our marketing team work hard to increase your conversions, repeat traffic, and expand your online visibility.

Benefit of Online Marketing

Using online channels for marketing a business or product is the ability to oversee the overall impact of all channels available. Visitors interact through different channels every second of the day. Of the visitors that can become paying customers, further analysis can be done to determine which online channels are most effective at acquiring valuable customers.

Allow us to pick and choose the best web-based channels suited to spread messages about your company’s brand, products or services to your potential customers. Our methodology for online marketing consist of the following.


Email Marketing

Our email marketing campaign will make the most of your email administration, increasing your list of subscribers through an vast array of marketing tools such as subject line implementation, newsletters and landing pages. It is important to know the individualism of your recipients in order to cater towards their interest, culture, and expectation. Our email marketing methodology follows the Lumadigital business strategy core through the phases of research, strategy, design and optimization.


Search Engine Optimization

We are determined to drive traffic to your website with consistent effort to get your web presence to the #1 ranking. It is imperative for your brand to be notice in the midst of the search engine mayhem. Learning all about your brand and your competitors is key to a productive SEO. Our SEO packages are entailed with project summarization, auditing, keyword research, online/offline strategy, content strategy and marketing that is designed to outline business goals and deliverables


Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing strategy ensures that that your social campaign is catered to reach the audience tailored to what your brand is and what it stands for. It is important that your social campaign reach its business goals and we utilize marketing software tools that can help achieve the task at hand. Its more than just likes and comments. Social media can work for you and can become your personal sales representative where your followers can now become potential customers.

You want to know how?

  • Content Development
  • Content Management
  • Profile Styling
  • Competitive Account Engagement
  • Hashtag Implementation
  • Consultation
  • Performance Metrics/Analytics
  • Monthly Reports
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What Can Social Media Do For Your Business ?

  • Creates an avenue to know your customers on a personal level
  • Assists you in filtering the circle of your audience
  • Makes it easy to acquire new customers/clients
  • Instant feedback about your brand, service or product
  • Gives you a higher sense of intelligence for the market
  • Increases traffic for your web presence
  • Builds a stronger bond among your current customer/client relations
  • Making your brand marketing and promotion less cost effective