As you start your small business, a well put together marketing plan is needed if you want to meet your desire’s end. Solidifying a strong and successful business takes time and Lumadigital is here to ensure that your time is invested in a direction that is conducive to the growth of your brand. The growth of your online presence is essential. Technology is advancing by the minute and so is the attention span of your targeted audience. We understand and know what your business needs from the ground up. Our business relationship with our clients are based on a foundation with 3 core factors


At Lumadigital, we feel that it is important that our clients are comfortable at all cost. Yes we provide a service and we are great at what we do but, through our one on one consultation, connection between the person behind the vision will help propel further consulting throughout the entire process.


Observing the current status of your brand is the first step to further progress the process of your brand campaign. To bring growth to your digital presence, Lumadigital will analytically assist your brand through research of your target audience and finding resources your brand lack to strengthen your core.


Your campaign requires a variation of research throughout your brand. The strategic plan of action used include tracking of your business growth by observation of your competition and applying what your brand needs through the consistency of maintenance, updates and technological advances.