Steelwheelz Media

Steelwheelz Media

SteelWheelz Media

 About Client:  SteelWheelz Media was at the forefront of the Urban News Blog in the early 2000s.  They eventually shifted from online programming to TV show production, delivering a popular weekly television show titled “The Urban Entrepreneurs Guide”.  It broadcasted for over 2 years on affiliate CW stations in Arizona and Texas.

Objective: Create and Design an original online platform with online radio station.   Work with executive producers to develop and edit weekly television show.

LumaDigital delivered:

–       Setup Joomla based Content Management System along with client authentication.

–       Developed architecture and programming for online radio station.

–       Produced Video Content for Online Platform .

–       Created Advertising Process and Produced Advertising Banners and Video

–       Produced shot and Edited  weekly television show