Graphic Design

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Logo Design/Brand Identity:

The name of your business or product and how you want to express it as well as how you want your potential customer to view your product is an essential key to the growth of your business. With a staff of professional logo designers in-house and freelancers, we are dedicated to be a part of an importance such as identity. Your first impression should be your last and your best.

Business Card:

Handing out your business card is the core of promoting your business or service. Lumadigital is here to make sure that the recipient puts your card in their pocket and not the trash can.


The World Wide Web is taking the promotion industry by storm. Although we provide services for the web, it is nothing like handing a flyer to someone.Web connection is more convenient but personal connection will always be the better fit.


Does your product have a lot more to say than just on a flyer. Tell us what you want and get a professional custom brochure. Our brochure designing comes with a layout, your logo, text and add on photos.

CD/DVD Covers:

Stop having your product looking like a carbon copy. If you believe in your product, a good quality cover is best suited if you want them to believe in your product.


Let us create your design so you can advertise it the right way

*We also do Menu Design, Booklets, Catalogs, Calendars and Magazines*

*For customized productions and pricing, call or email us for quote*.