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Lumadigital’s experience working with professional across the media chain enables us to provide integrated insights to our clients on a project basis.

Our work spans broadcast television, cable networks, radio, music, filmed entertainment, magazines, digital media, outdoor media and many performing arts. We work on core strategic issues about your vision from the ground up. We help deliver significant impact in digital online marketing, and social media. Lumadigitals’ service are included with image consultation, production, casting, treatment provisions, location scouting and airplay.

Whether it is a wedding, bar mitzvah, or a fashion show, we can provide accomplished and experienced professionals to film your event in the highest of quality. We can provide editing services, sound sweetening, and duplication of your final product.

You don’t have to have a million dollars to shoot an idea for your brand. All it takes is a little creativity, a plan, and a qualified staff to get you a product that looks like a million bucks.  Our qualified team will sit down and talk about what your goals are.  We also take into consideration the demographic you are trying to reach in order to tailor the most impactful messaging for your brand.[divider_line]

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